Over the past decade, much of what Steve has written has been specifically for Accenture clients and covered by strict confidentiality rules.  In his time at Accenture though he has created and collaborated on several white papers for public consumption.  Four selected papers include:

  1. The Mobile Internet Revolution.  This presentation provides a perspective on the "tipping point" of the mobile internet, and the likely impact on industry players and marketers across the industry sectors.
  2. Creating the Digital Customer.  This research document was a keynote presentation at Accenture's Global Convergence Conference in April, 2001.  The main lesson from the customer research and analysis is: technology companies would be wise to pay attention to critical customer needs if they want to expand into the broader market.
  3. XRM:  From Fragmentation to Integration.  Many technology companies have done a good job of improving their basic processes of CRM, Supply Chain Management, ERP, etc., but have done so within "silos" that leave their customers with a fragmented and disjointed customer experience. In this white paper, written with Ron Ref at Accenture, we describe the next-level challenge for these companies to provide the next level of experience for customers.
  4. Five Predictions for Enterprise Mobility.  Wireless companies, handset makers, and software developers are all disappointed by the slow take-up rate of enterprise mobility.  Many of us at Accenture believe that these companies might have been looking in the wrong places for growth.  Al Delattre of Accenture and Steve Lamont collaborated to identify these five predictions.

Steve has lately been a member of Kieretsu Forum, making angel investments in start-up companies.  He has led and participated on many due diligence efforts, as well as made some interesting investments.  Along with Catherine Chiu, another member, Steve ran an academy on how to lead a successful due diligence, titled The Art & Science of Leading Due Diligence.  The academy is available in four roughly 15-minute sections:

  1. The Due Diligence Process
  2. Resources & Tools
  3. Effective DD Leadership
  4. Dealing with Challenges

Steve has also been liberally quoted in the business press pertaining to the latest telecom issues.

  1. He gave an interview in 2008 titled Marketing Via the Third Screen which talks about developments in the mobile internet and the likely impact on marketing
  2. Steve commented on the VoIP industry and the regulations that govern it as part of a New Millennium Research Council article.