First Broadband Olympics?

This might be the first Olympics where I spend more time watching online than I do on television.  Kudos to NBC for a great web layout and IPTV! With their web coverage I get to follow the stats and watch the clips that matter to me.  I am bummed about the delays, to give first priority to the TV telecast.  And I wish I could see more of Bob Kostas online, giving his balanced commentary.  But now I get to focus on the sports, countries (not just USA), and events that matter to me. And I am OK with the pre-roll advertising and might even pay a premium for this type of custom access.  But please post the Tom Brokaw profile of Canada from Day One. This Olympic Games coverage seems to be the boldest step into the internet age.  It raises the question of which Olympics will we experience greater web viewership than TV viewership, perhaps measured by minutes of exposure.  And perhaps even before that crossover point, advertisers will see greater advantage reaching out to the web audience (targeting, attention span, measurability, etc.) than through TV advertising.  NBC (or whomever hosts future games) might be wise to cover their best with bosth media for the next 4-8 years to capture it all.
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